Wenshan 50k Tournament





Played qualifying here for the 50k tournament. Won a tough match against a girl from Taiwan first round 7-6(1) 6-3. It was my first win against her so I am very happy. 🙂
On Sunday, I played my 2nd round of qualifying against a Chinese girl and lost 3-6 1-6. My opponent played well, but I wish I could have played better. Since I didn’t get in doubles, I will go earlier to Israel to get used to the jet lag, courts, and environment. Wish me luck! 🙂


Hyderabad Zoo Adventures


My mom, sister-in-law, her brother, and myself visited Hyderabad Zoo a few months back. It was a nice zoo with lots of transportation services such as trains, battery cars, and bicycles. The animals either roamed freely in their large cages or bathed in the waters nearby. The safari park was exciting, but not because of the close-up encounters with the animals. The whole trip was like a roller coaster ride with the driver speeding his way down up and down the steep hills and curves. A must try if you go to the zoo in India. What an adventure!